Featuring SRN News at the: 30 and: 55 of each hour
12:00AM     Kurt Goff Live Part II
01:00AM     Kurt Goff Live Part III
02:00AM     Kurt Goff Live Part IV
03:00AM     Kurt Goff Live Part V
04:00AM     Leading The Way with Michael Youssef
05:00AM     Telling The Truth with the Briscoes
05:30AM     Today In The Word  with Bob Lepine
06:00AM     Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey
06:30AM    Grace To You with John MacArthur
07:00AM    Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
07:30AM    Running to Win with Dr. Erwin Lutzer
08:00AM    Walk in the Word with James MacDonald
08:30AM    Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram
09:00AM    Focal Point with Mike Fabarez
09:30AM    Truth for Life with Alistair Begg
10:00AM    The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans
10:30AM    Revive Our Hearts –  Nancy Leigh DeMoss
11:00AM    Midday Connection with Lustrea/Schmidt
12:00PM    Insight For Living with Chuck Swidoll
12:30PM    Radical with David Platt
01:00PM    Chris Fabry Live! Part I
02:00PM    Chris Fabry Live! Part II
03:00PM    In The Market with Janet Parshal Part I
04:00PM    In The Market with Janet Parshal Part II
05:00PM    Haven Today with Charles Morris
06:00PM    Power Point with Jack Graham
06:30PM    MoneyWise  with Howard Dayton
07:00PM    Thru The Bible –  Dr. J.Vernon McGee
07:30PM    The Word In Song – Donna Leland Part I
08:00PM   The Word In Song – Donna Leland Part II
09:00PM    The Word In Song – Donna Leland Part III
10:00PM    Sound Of Majesty with Greg Wheatley
11:00PM    Kurt Goff Live Part 


Featuring SRN News at the: 30 and: 55 of each hour
12-04AM    Music Thru The Night
04:00AM    Family Talk Weekend – Dr. James Dobson
05:00AM    Weekend Magazine – FOTF
06:00AM    FamilyLife This Week – A.R. Escue/B. Lepine
06:30AM    Parenting Today’s Teens – Mark Gregston
07:00AM    The Boundless Show – Lisa Anderson
07:30AM    Java with Juli – Dr. Juli Slattery/Linda Dillow
08:00AM    Open Line Part I – Dr. Michael RydeInik
09:00AM    Open Line Part II – Dr. Michael RydeInik
10:00AM    Up for Debate – Julie Roys
11:00AM     Building Relationships – Dr. Gary Chapman
12:00PM     The Land and the Book
01:00PM     MoneyWise Weekend with H. Dayton &                                 S. Moore
01:30PM     First Person with Wayne Shepherd
02:00PM     Music For Saturday Part I
03:00PM    Music For Saturday Part II
04:00PM    Music For Saturday Part III
05:00PM    Music For Saturday Part IV
06:00PM    Music For Saturday Part V
07:00PM    Celebration of Praise Part I
08:00PM    Celebration of Praise Part II
09:00PM    Celebration of Praise Part III
10:00PM    Celebration of Praise Part IV
11:00PM    Music Thru The Night Part I



Featuring SRN News at the: 30 and: 55 of each hour
12-04AM    Music Thru The Night
04:00AM    Words To Live By – Martin DeHann
05:00AM    Sunday Praise I
06:00AM    Sunday Praise II
07:00AM    Sunday Praise III
08:00AM    Moody Presents – Paul Nyquist
09:00AM    Moody Church Hour – Irwin Lutzer
10:00AM    Voice of Mesa (Mesa Hills Bible Church)
10:30AM    Music For Sunday Part I
11:00AM    Music For Sunday Part II
12:00PM    Music For Sunday Part III
01:00PM    Music For Sunday Part IV
02:00PM    Music For Sunday Part V
03:00PM    Music For Sunday Part VI
04:00PM    Let My People Think – Ravi Zacharias
04:30PM    Grace To You Weekend – J.MacArthur
05:00PM     Moody Presents – Paul Nyquist
06:00PM    Turning Point Weekend – D.Jeremiah
06:30PM    Hour of Decision – Billy Graham
07:00PM    Faith On Record Part I
08:00PM    Faith On Record Part II
09:00PM    Faith On Record Part III
10:00PM    Songs In The Night – Erwin Lutzer
11:00PM    Music Thru The Night Part I